About Me.

My photographs have always been my treasures. One of my favorite activities as a child was photographing animals on my great-grandparents' land in extremely rural south Texas. Now that my great-grandparents are gone, I frequently think of my family's time there growing up and thumb through my old photos as my only visual memories.


I love helping others document equally memorable times in their lives. Maybe it's a newborn's hand clinging to her daddy's forefinger, a grandmother embracing her grandson, or a young woman resting her head on her fiance's shoulder. It brings me joy to know that the photos I create will be cherished as the years go on.    


When I'm not behind my camera, you'll find me on a trail or in a tent. Before launching my photography business, I taught science to elementary schoolers, led teens on international backpacking journeys, and managed a team of naturalists at an outdoor school for youth.  


The progression to creating my own photography business has been a natural one for me. The mixture of creativity and technicality makes both sides of my brain cheer. I also love the challenge that is innate in photography. I am continually learning, and that makes me content.


Megan S. Peters