Thank you, thank you, thank you for capturing such sweet photos of our family!  We really enjoyed meeting you and your sweet, calming personality made the morning stress-free and fun!  Plus, it’s so evident you are great with kiddos and talented behind the lens!  - Judy



You were obviously well prepared with what you were hoping to capture and at the same time really open with what actually happened (kind of like being a mom!).  The photos are really beautiful; I love them.  I think that you captured my son's little silly smile really well.  Thank you so much for all of the beautiful pictures you have taken of our family!  This has been such an important time in our lives and we are so happy to have it documented.  - Sarah



Megan took our wedding pictures and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Not only did she capture every beautiful moment between individuals (my parents and me, my husband and daughter, my silly nephews, etc.), but she managed to get a group of 20 people to take a stellar group picture, including kids!  She's especially great at capturing those really rare, special moments that you'll look back on and cherish forever.  - Sara

Thanks so much for the amazing photos you took at our wedding.  Your expertise in capturing all of the small moments that make up the memories of that day was invaluable.  We really appreciated the incredible effort you put in to ensure a perfect record for us and our families.  You have provided us with the most beautiful reminder we could ask for of our special day.  - Brandon



You did an amazing job! I love the diversity of the photos.  You are getting accolades from the entire family on the photos you took!  - Joanne